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Thread: FULL LENGTH VIDEOS - starting Easter

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    Default FULL LENGTH VIDEOS - starting Easter

    As from Easter we will be putting up the FULL LENGTH vidoes, as one continuous movie. The video, in it's parts (1 & 2) etc, will also be going onto the site.

    So, for example, you will get a girl/girl in parts 1, 2, 3, 4 then the FULL MOVIE will go up.

    Hopefully in the near future we can put the FULL MOVIE up first, then the parts will follow - there keeping the members happy on slow connections, but also catering for guys who have fast ADSL 2.

    I hope you like this idea, and will enjoy our FULL LENGTH MOVIES.



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    Default Re: FULL LENGTH VIDEOS - starting Easter

    The effort it appreciated. But is it maybe wise just to release the full length, full screen features onto DVD for sale through the help of Lezlove?. That way as discussed a while ago you have another avenue for revenue, exposure and practically free advertising.

    Speaking of Lezlove I found a topic that i found of interest that about overseas manufacturing and distribution costs etc that I can send to you via PM. Let me know if you like me to send it over via PM.
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    Default Re: FULL LENGTH VIDEOS - starting Easter

    Keep those vids cumming! Thanks!

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